Good news for those who have been enjoying the Remix My Lit experience- RML have cut up their August 31 deadline and remixed a brand new one for you: 19 October 2008.Get inspired by the remixable short stories, show them your vision, and submit your own version for your chance to be published in an anthology alongside established Australian authors such as myself, Kim Wilkins, and Cate Kennedy.

And for those who’d like to see what can be done, my story Alchymical Romance has received two new remixings: Sajbrfm has given it a complete gender re-alignment with Alchymical Romance (gender exchange remix) which pulls a complete 360 on my standard gender default, leading to quite a different narrative focus. And Angela Meyer has gone for a complete re-imagining, mixing elements of my work with bits of stories by Philip Neilsen, Stefan Laszczuk and Cate Kennedy to produce the truly extraordinary Again, The Healing Tickle (the Way Black Glitters): A Mash Up, which shows just what can be done with the remixing concept in the hands of an artist in tune with the working methods it requires. I think the end result is absolutely bloody stunning.

And, if you haven’t already read it, Grant Watson’s brilliantly short, brutal Alchymical Romance (serial killer remix) is still up for your reading pleasure too.

4 stories for the price of one! Hoe cool is that?