Thanks to Cat Sparks, here’s a sneak peek at two upcoming Agog Press anthologies, each with stories by yours truly inside their papered guts:

Scary Food is a collection of short horror tales with accompanying recipes: Rabbit, Run is my entry, along with a recipe for rabbit stew that isn’t so horrifying in its own right, but does contain some rather accurate instructions on how to kill your rabbit.

Canterbury 2100 translates the form and intent of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales to a post-apocalyptic setting. (A full explanation of just how can be found here) It’s a double-Battjob, containing both my own The Metawhore’s Love Story and Lyn’s The Conductor’s Tale. I’ve read a couple of the stories already, and it’s shaping as an absolute cracker.

Purdy, ain’t they? You’ll be able to get them from the Agog Press soon.