You know, once I’d uploaded the picture for the last post, I realised how much it resembled an old-fashioned Chinese menu, and how much fun you can have choosing one from column A and one from column B.

So just watch out for the vengeance of the Redneck Lord, all you Scientologist Sports Nuts and Buddhist Fornicators and Wifebeating Loud Mouth Women….

Go on, try it. It’s more fun than it should be 🙂

Incidentally, anyone care to guess what a PK is? Does the Redneck Lord damn all chewing gum, or just that particular brand?


  1. I can truthfullly put my hand up to being a Buddhist Pagan. You might also call me an Environmentalist Liberal and in earlier times I was definitely a Feminist Fornicator. I have on occasion also been a Drunken Loud-mouthed Woman. However, I utterly refute any allegation that I am a Wifebeating Freeloader or a High-falluting Abortionist.


  2. I’m amused that the Redneck Lord hates feminists and Democrats but is fine with masturbators and cross-dressers. Not that I’m suggesting <>anything<> about the person who wrote the sign :)))))


  3. As regards the apostrophes, I suspect they’re refugees from Canada, where possessive apostrophes are not permitted in advertising.Yours sincerely,Stephen ‘Feminist Environmentalist Agnostic liberal High Fullutent [sic] Sophisticated Swine, retired Fornicator and occasional Government Recipient’ Dedman(okay, I’ll cop to also having occasionally been a liar, and arguably a pervert, a freeloader, an emo, and possibly even a racist. But don’t you dare call me a Sport’s Nut!)


  4. I wonder if “PK” is Promise Keepers? They’re a very militant, muscular Evangelist faction in the US, with notably progressive positions on racism (given the culture they’re operating in) and notably regressive positions on women. They seem like the sort the signwriter would be bang alongside, though, don’t they? Maybe it’s just any self-identifying subdenomination on principle, I dunno.In other news, the word verification is “typefer”, which I rather like.


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