1. Sleep in
  2. Eat breakfast while reading blogs
  3. Write
  4. Go out for lunch
  5. Watch Hull almost complete the comeback of the season but go down to Man U 4-3 in the game of the year so far
  6. Write
  7. Watch half an hilarious documentary on macrophilia (Go on, look it up. You know you want to)
  8. Laugh ass off at wife’s face while watching documentary of macrophilia
  9. Drive down to pick up kids, singing at top of voice to Madness songs the entire way
  10. Bring kids home
  11. Watch Muppet Show while eating dinner
  12. Put kids to bed
  13. Change picture on blog
  14. Buy wine
  15. Drink it
  16. Watch rest of hilarious documentary on macrophilia
  17. Watch Top Gear African Special
  18. Wipe tears from eyes
  19. Offer multitude of praises to BBC Knowledge for saving me from weeks of watching pale, crap Australian version of Top Gear
  20. Blog
  21. Bed