Canterbury 2100, the Agog Press anthology containing stories by both myself and Lyn, amongst others, has been reviewed over at Australian Specfic in Focus, which has very positive things to say about both stories.

The Metawhore’s Tale is described as fascinating, sordid, sad, and, ultimately, wonderful; while Lyn’s The Conductor’s Tale is an appropriate concluding story that neatly rounds out the whole set.



  • 07:51 38 years old today, and I don’t feel a day over 90
  • 13:33 Just so you know, it is entirely possible that Madness’ 1996 album “Wonderful” is the greatest pop album in the history of the entire world
  • 13:34 Of course, we all know that Brian May is the greatest guitarist who has ever lived, so that goes without saying

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