A day late, yes, but Real Life (tm) will do that to you.

20 (21) days in to Nanwrimo. Two third of the way through. If I’m to be on track for completing 50 000 words by month’s end, I need to have written 35 000 words by now.

So: How’s it all going?

As of tonight, it’s going 41 339 words of froody, thanks for asking. The Corpse-Rat King is now 55 500 words long, and we’ve reached the major turning point of the novel. Marius don Hellespont, our (for want of a better word, or indeed, any other word) hero, has had his epiphany, and has set in motion the initial act necessary to drive the narrative towards the climax. I’ve got a good grasp of the next story arc, and this weekend looks to be good for some decent writing hours, thanks to a Tupperware party and two empty evenings.

There’s a long way to go yet– right now, Marius is on the rotting hulk of an ancient warship, a dozen feet under water, with only an animated skeleton formed from the remains of a mad, dead King and his favourite horse for company, and somehow he has to get from there to…. well, I know the ending, but I’d be expecting you to buy the book, eventually….

But there will be redemption; there will be fighting; there will be corpse-robbing; love; fire; a cat called Argo; and very possible a long scene involving a dead thief trying to crap out a giant emerald without having eaten anything for several weeks beforehand…..

Admit it: you’re curious, ain’t ya? 🙂