• 13:01 Happy birthday to my beautiful daughter Erin, who turns seven today
  • 13:02 There’s so much tinsel hanging over my desk it’s like sitting inside one of Michael Jackson’s jackets.
  • 13:06 Finally have the same number of followers as following. Curse those high school years for my sad, needy ways of measuring popularity
  • 19:03 @jelundberg I’d just be in a land of awesome at having gas-powered trees!
  • 19:41 Why don’t my tabs disappear back up into the top of the monitor all of a sudden? FUCK I hate computers!
  • 19:55 Gingko and St John’s Wort– best stress remedy we’ve found, as reminded to me by my darling wife with instructions to take some right now
  • 19:58 My wife has no idea that Dog Soldiers isn’t going to be as twee and comfy as An American Werewolf in London and The Howling…
  • 20:00 So it’s official? I’m the only being in the Universe who thinks Patterson Joseph will make a shit Doctor?
  • 20:03 @garykemble Oh yes, my vibes have performed for the Queen! Of course, they were arrested, but…. they are yours to do with as you will.