Dogs trained to find people seem to be good at either live searches or dead searches, but not both– a trait that can be easily detected when they are only puppies.
Ann Rule
Green River, Running Red- The True Story of America’s Deadliest Serial Killer

At about 9pm last night I mentioned this quote to Lyn whilst we were discussing stuff and junk and things, as something that had piqued my interest. By 9.10pm we’d both decided we wanted to write stories around the idea. By 10pm we’d worked out titles, the fact that we wanted to write two novellas back-to-back like one of those old Ace Doubles, which bit we both wanted to write, and who we wanted to pitch it to.

By 8.30am I’d found the quote within the book, written the pitch email, and sent it. By mid-day, the publisher had responded to say they liked the idea and wanted to see what we came up with.

So: Bone Dogs/Flesh Dogs. Lyn to write ‘Bones’, me to write ‘Flesh’. Because what you want, when you’re 65K into a new novel, is to have the idea for a 20K word novella… 🙂

I’m guessing it’s going to take longer than 24 hours to write.


  1. I dunno, I quite like <>Chop Chop Dogs<>, actually 🙂I think mornings and evenings will have to be novel work, and lunch time for novella work. And that bit between 3.30 and 4.12 in the morning for sleep.


  2. Would that be UNCLE chop chop dogs? I always thought that Chopper Reid’s pets were the unexplored aspect of his life.


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