A couple of days worth, in lieu of actual content (Tomorrow, my dears, tomorrow)

  • Perception is nine-tenths of the law
  • Meet for lunch to discuss work, end up deciding to redecorate the entire house. It’s another day with Lyn and Lee!
  • @seanlindsay My hero was getting attacked by a dead guy wielding a hoe with intent. It was his only option 🙂
  • One is quite capable of ignoring one’s inner fanboy until one reads the sentence “Stan Lee has accepted your friend request”
  • Greg Proops, but then, don’t we all?
  • Sentences you really want to hear from your wife at age 38– “Maybe your kness hurt so much because you have gout”
  • Sinead O’Connor singing “She Moved Through The Fair”. Oh God, my heart is breaking.
  • And then I read the first line of page 269 of ‘Choke’, and that’s when I began to laugh my arse off.
  • @drewbeatty Actually, we *all* dislike your neighbours. Somebody really should tell them.