• Well *that* didn’t pan out- back home from work because of pain. Wireless connection and my bed for the rest of the day
  • @matociquala You know, male character default number of testicles is two. Just saying…. 🙂
  • Quantum of Solace: a series of explosions that once met a plot at a party but can’t quite remember its name.
  • Corpse-Rat King has passed 70 000 words and is now encouraging me to get back to writing every day instead of being such a slack-arse
  • Off to have a blood test now. I know I have some, I just need to find out if it can pass a test.
  • How to get a path nurse to like you– offer referral, say “Hi, my doctor gave me this gift certificate…”
  • Blood test over: I got a 72.
  • @thesciphishow Never underestimate the value of a good freak show 🙂
  • Crisps, alcoholic ginger beer, BSG box set, the boys, and my beautiful wife. The evening, she is booked.
  • Just for the record #1- my wife is the Queen of roast dinners
  • Just for the record #2- Galacticapalooza does *not* roll easily off the tongue
  • @jstrahan Capricalooza!

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