2 thoughts on “COME ON IN: THE 21st CENTURY IS LOVELY

  1. Actually, no.Saudis are trying to stop child marriages and they’re doing it in public, in Arabic.You might be interested in < HREF="http://xrdarabia.org/2008/12/02/saudis-argue-to-stop-child-marriages/" REL="nofollow">this piece<> on my blog < HREF="http://www.xrdarabia.org" REL="nofollow">Crossroads Arabia<>. A search on ‘marriage’ and a stroll through the comments might be informative.


  2. Point taken, John, and a very informative blog you’ve put together there, too. I still find it disgusting that the infrastructure exists that enables a man to not only marry an 8 year old child but insist on consumation. Let’s hope that the reforms you’re highlighting in your pieces, so obviously vital and necessary, are put through, and soon. It’s good to see the groundswell of opinion is changing. Fiongers crossed that the change is permanent.Thanks for lending a wider perspective to the subject.


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