We don’t do the traditional capitalist Western Christmas thing at the Batthome: Lyn’s religious beliefs are such that she does not partake, so those of us who do, do it in as compromisey a way as possible so that we all get a taste of what we want from the season. This year, Erin and Connor are spending the day at their Nanna’s house (who Christmasses LARGE), while Aiden is at his Dad’s (it’s his turn). Lyn and I will be enjoying each other’s company alone, with a side trip to her brother and sister-in-law’s place to eat, drink, and play with our neice for a couple of hours. Come boxing days, the Triffbattlets return, and we settle in for a day of justusness.

So to all who partake, in whatever form of seasonal celebration you choose, may it be happy and fulfilling and full of frood. And to those who choose not to partake, best wishes to you too: imho the right to choose not to partake is as important as the right to join in, and I hope that the coming week is a good one for you.

And to all of you, thanks for dropping by this year. I’m taking a few days off, so big walloping ones for a killer 2009, everyone.

I have a cheese platter, a four-pack of Guinness, and a beautiful wife. I’m gonna go and enjoy them all now 🙂