• 2009 has started with my son pooing his bed. As omens go, this is not the *best* one I’ve ever had.
  • 2009 goal weight: 90kg, 2009 starting weight: 102.1kg. For those of you who work in pounds and ounces, that translates as “fucking fat”.
  • Chest 115cm, Waist 111cm, Right bicep 37cm, Right thigh 63cm. Another measurment in a month or so, see what changes I can make.
  • Goddammit, 2009 is too hot.
  • So did anyone notice the extra second today? Blew my whole day out of whack…
  • Restless, unsatisfied, itching to do something meaningful. Good place to be as an artist right now, but makes me a shit for anything else.
  • started a new review tweet because 140 characters is enough to describe whatever I’m watching/reading:
  • @seanlindsay Technically, the second was actually a second of no-time in between the days. That’s where the Daleks were hiding all along…
  • review140 First up, the Big Lebowski, which I watched tonight with Lyn and Aiden
  • @seanlindsay I’m always wrong first. It’s only later, when everybody is correct, that I join the herd 🙂
  • @Nnedi Bouncing is what Tiggers do best #


So for reasons known only to themselves, Erin and Connor have decided to tell each other scary stories every time we go out in the car. Today, Connor goes first.

CONNOR: There a scary monster. And he climb the stairs!
ME: (After a pause) That’s scary, Connor. Is there any more?

Short pause while I crash the car…..