Nottingham Forest 3, Manchester City 0.

Babbyyyyyyyy 🙂

That score again: sleeping giant of world football slowly starting to emerge from decade long nightmare of disaster 3, laughable so-called richest club in the world with a history of doing nothing impressive in its entire miserable existence NIL.

That’s right, people. We might not be able to scrape past the footballing might of Doncaster, but if you come from Manchester, you play in the Prem, you dress in slightly effeminate blue, and you’re just a bit more shit than you think you are, you can be our bitches today.

Gloat mode disengaged…


Matt Smith, then, is the new Doctor.

I’m pleased it’s not going to be Patterson Joseph, an actor I’ve found buffoonish and completely lacking in presence in every role in which I’ve seen him. Smith is young, at 26, and as one site has commented, it’s a brave move “swapping the pasty skinny white guy with stupid hair for another pasty skinny white guy with stupid hair.” But, having seen him in the woefully tedious BBC adaptations of Philip Pullman’s Sally Lockhart novels, he has presence, and charisma, and a physicality that both Tennant and Joseph lack. I’m hoping to see a much more physical Doctor, something approaching the first 4 seasons of Tom Baker’s run, before he became cartoonish and silly. Or at the very least, a Doctor that doesn’t make me snort in derision every time he runs. I think it’s a brave casting decision, and one that might just pay off.

And if it doesn’t, and the current casting trend continues, we can all look forward, in four years time, to seeing the next Doctor played by a twelve year old lesbian…