The next ten reviews-in-less-than-140-characters from my twitter review site review140:

  • Shadow Of The Vampire– Willem Dafoe did *not* win an Oscar for this movie. Because the Academy are morons. Brilliance in every frame. Superb
  • The Lost Boys– fun, suitably scary teen-vamp film that doesn’t lapse into pastiche or bad attempts at ‘cool’ But oh, those 80’s shirts!
  • Hellboy: The Golden Army– beautiful, terrible movie, which ultimately has too many obvious flaws to be satisfying. *So* close to wondrous
  • Wall.E– stunning graphics hide a simplistic morality fable about a halfwit and his psycho girlfriend. Engaging, but not in Pixar’s top 3.
  • Ringworld by Larry Niven– 1960s pop science meets 1930s plot, characters, writing style, bigotry and misogyny– this crap won a Nebula!
  • The Hunt For The BTK Killer– chilling Gregg Henry performance wasted on a banal, by-the-numbers Movie Of The Week production.
  • Who Killed Christopher Robin by Terry Rawlings– the death of sociopathic Stones founder Brian Jones: nobody comes out looking good
  • James & The Giant Peach– tedious, badly-animated collection of unpleasant Roald Dahl template characters doing nothing in a boring way
  • Meet The Robinson– Aims for wacky and crazy fun but simply comes across as contrived and soulless. A miserable failure on all fronts
  • Jimmy Carr: Comedian- stunningly funny live performance from a man not afraid to chart all four corners of taste. The best standup this year