Aiden had his 16th birthday party last night. He actually turned 16 a fortnight ago, but curses of curses, it happened on the first day of school, so apart from taking him out to dinner and giving him his presents, he had to wait until he could actually invite his friends over before he had a bash.

So last night, Lyn and I came home from the SwanAid picnic to a house full of teenagers, pizza boxes piled to the ceiling, zombie-rampage-killing games on the TV, and enough noise and general chaos that we took our dinner guest (the always lovely Sonia Helbig) and ran out to the patio in disorganised retreat.

Our soiree broke up some time after eleven. The ‘kids’ (two of whom are taller than me, mind…) were still going. They were still going when I got out of bed to tell them to turn the noise down. They were still going when I fell asleep.

Aiden’s cooking bacon, eggs and hash browns for breakfast, and the house is full of muzzy-headed teenagers talking in variations of “whuuummmuuh?”. It’s great 🙂

Happy birthday, Aidey-baby!

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