No, not the title of a very unfortunate porn video Bill Gates made when he was young and needed the money, but a list of the 7″ singles I dug out of my cupboard this morning. Dedicated to Ben Payne and Sean Williams, who can understand the strange love:

Endless Road- Time Bandits
Sweet & Sour- The Takeaways
Get It On- Power Station
Missing You- John Waite
Antmusic- Adam & the Ants
I Walk Away- Split Enz
Lean On Me- Red Box
Run Runaway- Slade
Don’t Believe Anymore- Icehouse
Sun City- Artists Against Apartheid
Out Of Touch- Hall & Oates
One Of The Living- Tina Turner
Good Times- INXS & Jimmy Barnes
Pride- U2
99 Luftballons- Nena
And We Danced- Hooters
Prince Charming- Adam & the Ants
Nights In White Satin- Moody Blues
Stand & Deliver_ Adam & the Ants
Two Tribes- Frankie Goes to Hollywood
The Tide Is High- Blondie
Electric Avenue- Eddy Granty
Let’s Dance- Chris Rea
Relax- Frankie Goes to Hollywood
One Night in Bangkok- Murray Head
We Gotta Get Out of This Place- The Angels

I’m willing to defend most of them, but can offer no excuse for this one. And maybe the Chris Rea’s a bit naff in retrospect.

As for the following, I offer my enormous crush on the blond saxophonist as mitigation (and the fact that the show was pretty cool), as well as the fact that the song holds up pretty well, even if the film clip doesn’t (What’s with the girl doing endless flips in the background, and David Reyne’s, well, everything?)


  1. i feel compelled to respond with my own list *blows the dust off the 7-inchers*

    Sweet 16 – Billy Idol (on purple vinyl, no less!)
    We Are the World
    Leave a Light On – Belinda Carlisle
    When Doves Cry – Prince
    I Drove all Night – Cyndi Lauper
    Push It – Salt n Pepa
    If I Could – 1927
    Russians – Sting
    Wanted Dead or Alive – Bon Jovi
    The Riddle – Nik Kershaw
    I Was Made for Lovin' You – Kiss
    Always Look on the Bright Side of Life – Monty Python (rather proud of this one 🙂
    Bad Boys – Wham (yeh, not so proud)
    It's Raining Again – Supertramp
    Another One Bites the Dust – Queen
    Notorious – Duran Duran
    Waiting for a Girl Like You – Foreigner
    Doctorin t6he Tardis – The Timelords
    The Final Countdown – Europe
    Lost in Your Eyes – Debbie Gibson (what WAS i thinking??)
    I Love Rock n Roll – Joan Jett (yeh baby!)
    Hotel California – Eagle
    Video Killed the Radio Star – The Buggles
    Steppin Out – Joe Jackson
    This Ole House – Shakin Stevens
    Love in the First Degree – Bananarama
    … and that's only about half of them, I think my collection is better (or worse, depending on your point of view 😉 than yours Lee LOL

    oh, and my pride and joy … No Reason – Perfect Strangers (little known Perth Band of the 80's, I was a huge fan)


  2. I like 16 of them, Lee. And I'm ubercool with music, so dagginess it is not.

    Though the stuff I don't like in that list, well, yeah, it's a little worse than daggy.


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