It’s been a couple of weeks since I last reported, and I wish I had something gosh-wow-amazing to talk about, but we’ve just been getting on with life these last couple of weeks: fitting in bits and bobs of writing around whatever edges we can find; working, cleaning; doing our taxes; catching up with various TV shows and fillums, including the deeply disappointing True Blood; the infinitely more interesting and enjoyable Being Human; the excellent soundtrack with an ordinary movie attached The Boat That Rocked (which, incidentally, features the superb Philip Seymour Hoffman doing the single best impersonation of my bestie, the immortal Seanie, that I’ve ever seen); the suprisingly not as shit as I secretly hoped it’d be The Day The Earth Stood Still remake; and generally just being a smoothly-running family in a seaside suburb.

Sorry ’bout that. I’m sure we’ll have an interesting catastrophe soon…

3 thoughts on “NOTHING TO REPORT

  1. How could you possibly not love True Blood? OK, so it's vampire porn, but it's GOOD vampire porn! And I don't even dig vamps all that much. Buffy excepted.


  2. I could possibly not love it because it's a shoddy assemblage of all the worst possible vampire cliches loosely sticky-taped to a simple-minded teeny love soap drama that just ends up drowning in its own stupidity and ick.

    Seriously, watch Being Human if you haven't already done so, and see the difference.


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