The reading period for Midnight Echo Issue 4, edited by yours truly, has officially opened, and will be open until January 31st next year. (January 31st being well known to horror buffs as Mostly Hollow’s Eve, when all the witches of the world ride forth to get their hair done and have a pedicure).

Sub guidelines can be found here, but the cool bits can be summaried thus: 1c per word to 5000 words for fiction with a maximum payment of $50; we also take poetry, artwork AND serial art; and I get bored with Cthulhuain slavering tentacle monster stories 🙂

Midnight Echo is the magazine of the Australian Horror Writer’s Association, whose annual membership fee covers subscription to the magazine, so as well as getting paid you are guaranteed to be read by the entire membership of the AHWA, which (to the best of my knowledge) is certainly over a couple of hundred and may be as high as 4 or 5 billion, if you include intestinal parasites.

And if you don’t think being read by billions of intestinal parasites is cool, well……….. you’re probably *not* going to write what we’re looking for. If, however, the idea makes you wonder where they put the water cooler, it’s time to get writing 🙂