Outside the Bunbury art gallery there’s a seating area, covered by a pergola whose roof is slanted at something like 60 degrees. I point at it as we cruise past.

ME: Check it out. Rodin’s “Ski-jump”
AIDEN: (Deadly serious) Why would he need a ski jump? He’s got wings.

I swear, I had to pull the car over so we didn’t crash.


Merde, I have dropped mah beret!


Ellen Datlow has posted the Table of Contents for her upcoming The Year’s Best Horror Volume 1. I’m pleased to cop a couple of mentions in the Honourable Mentions list, and over the moon to see Lyn’s name there as well amongst pals like Chris Green, Geoff Maloney and Michael Greenhut. And high fives all round for my buddies Paul Haines, Richard Harland (Told you, Richard!) and Ian McHugh for placing within the book itself– three reasons why this is likely to be about the only spec fic book I buy next year.

Check out the full list here.


If you’ve been watching the net over the last week or so, you may be aware of the rather large shitstorm that’s sprung up around the wretched and twisted form of one Richard Ridyard, a filthy little plagiarist of the first water. if you haven’t, here’s a good place to start.

I’ve had the pleasure of reading no less than three of Mister Ridyard’s efforts during my editorship of Midnight Echo #4, and rejected each one of them before knowing of the dirty trick this little weasel was perpetrating, although I had the even greater pleasure of writing to him again once the news of his plagiarism broke and giving him a second, more creatively worded, assessment of his talents (It also means that, basically, I rejected a Stephen King story at first sight. Snurk.)

Anybody so low as to rip wholsesale from other writers is a worthless little turd– it’s not like 98% are getting paid living wages for what we do. Anybody inbreddumbfuckstupid enough to steal from the likes of King deserves to have their gonads squelched to stop them breeding.

And as this little tosspot has so quickly removed himself from consideration of the normal decencies, feel free to email him here and pass on your appreciation. If you’d like to read more on how the writing sphere has taken this carefree little moppet to their hearts, Angel Zapata has come up with a pretty decent list of blog posts. You’ll be amazed at how he’s gotten around: here’s the post.