Day one of Nano completed, and a couple of hours down the foreshore with Lyn, her best friend Terri, and the sort of view out the cafe window that people in ludicrously large sunglasses who call themselves names like ‘Pip’ and ‘Biffie’ spend millions trying to find, and…. well, it’s a start anyway. After over a year working on Corpse-Rat King, especially when I’m so close to the end, shifting gears to starting a fresh work that’s so completely different is a wrench and a half, but I churned out some wordage, and, well, weeeeeeee.

November’s a birthday-heavy month and the desire of my workplace to fuck me over at any available opportunity is going to present some challenges, but all things being equal (excepting, of course, odd numbers), I may have 2 completed novels by the end of the year.
Which will be nice.
And so to the word meters–

1754 / 50000

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