The decisions have been made. The editing has been carried out. The human cattle have been coralled. Finally, finally, I can announce the line-up for Midnight Echo #4, and oooh, there’s some creepy and disturbing little monkeys crawling amongst the ruins of this one. This April, you will be reading the following stories:

  • Cromwell’s Beast— Steven J. Stegbar
  • Carnal Knowledge— Don Norum
  • The Moon & The Mesa— Dan Braum
  • Sleeping Dogs— Geoffrey Maloney & Andrew Baker
  • The Hand of God— Jason Crowe
  • Where We Go To Be Made Lighter— Chris Green
  • Tiny Drops— LL Hannett
  • Little Boy Lost— Patty Jansen
  • In The Walls— Philip Roberts
  • Visiting— Richard Barber
  • The Movie— Graham Fielding
  • Poison Or The Knife— BL Hobson

As well as the following poems:

  • Rabbit— Holly Day
  • Mirror— Jenny Blackford
  • The Fat Aftermath— Jude Aqulinia

Midnight Echo #4 will be available in April. Go here for purchasing options.


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