As part of this year’s Australian SF Snapshot, I’ve been interviewed by the lovely Tehani Wessely. You can read the results here. With the Worldcon in Melbourne approaching in September there are couple of questions on that subject, but it does, as is its purpose, provide a quick snapshot of where I am at the moment.

The Snapshots have been run twice before: you can read my 2005 interview here and my 2007 interview here. It’s interesting, to me at least, to see how my goalposts have moved over the last 5 years– my ambitions and hopes are not what they once were– not even close, really– and I’m a hell of a lot more comfortable with the path ahead of me that I was 3 years ago.

Eventually, all the interviews that make up this year’s Snapshot are going to be archived in one central location, but for now, start at Tehani’s and go LJ-jumping to read those you find interesting. They finished something like ninety in the week the snapshot was running, so there’s bound to be someone who takes your fancy.

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