In not-raining-but-pouring news, after 2 years of no action at all I’ve sold my second story since the start of the year. At The End There Was a Man, a 6300 word science fiction piece about the sole survivor of a crash coming back to his ship after an absence of many years, has found a home with Coeur de Lion Publishing’s Anywhere But Earth anthology, a collection of stories set, well, the clue is in the title…

As long as it’s been since I sold a short story, it’s been an extremely long time indeed since I’ve sold a pure SF piece, so I’m pleased to once again be paddling in unfamiliar waters. The anthology is dure for release in the 2nd half of 2011.

And I’ll be taking on my 2nd judging role of the last year (after the 2010 Aurealis Awards): I’ve agreed to judge the Australian Horror Writer’s Association’s annual Flash/Short Story competition this year, so I’ll be looking forward to trailing my fingers through the sticky entrails of people’s imaginations once more, and making them feel bad for not being quite awful enough….

Guidelines are coming soon, so what are you waiting for? Get writing. Now!

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