Today has just been one of those days where the good arrives in numbers.

This weekend is Luscious Lyn’s annual Jehovah’s Witness convention, so this morning the kids and I dropped her off at the Burswood Dome and shuffled into the Perth City Centre to pick up Blakey Boy’s birthday presents for next weekend.

As always, kids + me + Perth = the museum, to gape at the mummified thylacine, boggle at the size of the muttaburrasaurus skeleton, open all the drawers in the discovery centre, and generally run up and down the corridors pretending to be dinosaurs. Where the kids used some of their going-out money to make their Mum a badge because they decided she needed one to make up for not being with us. And the birthday-shops in question had mega-cool stuff just begging to be Blaked. And Connor was pulled out of the crowd around a street magician to be his assistant for a bunch of tricks. And even the happy meals the kids had for lunch contained exactly the right random toys to make them happy (A Wolverine for Connor and a singing Smurf for Erin.)

An anonymous street magician and the C-Train deliver the famous ‘Making Sure the New Pope is a Fella’ trick….

I, of course, did not have a kiddie-toy happy meal. Because I had already picked up these in the shop before lunch. I am 40, and I play with grown up toys….

Even my Ninjago will be ex-ter-mi-nated….

And to top it all off, my first short story acceptance in several months has dropped into my inbox this evening. Subject to editorial requests, Comfort Ghost will appear in the upcoming ASIM 56. I’ll let you know when.

Some days, everything comes up sunny.


One of the things I’ve wanted to do since I started getting back into Lego was to post a MOC– short for ‘My Own Creation– a common practice amongst the Legorati, who create all sorts of wonderful, amazing edifices and then post photos and/or plans of the construction process so that others can build the same creation. (Such as these guys and these and this and this and…. well, you get the idea) Only two things have stopped me doing so before this:

1. I’m a bit crap, and
2. Compared to guys like this, anything I might do would simply show me up for the utter noob with two left Leggoey feet that I really am. I’m also completely incapable of making up instruction sheets that look like they may have been drawn by a Lego artist with a couple of spare hours to kill before The Big Bang Theory starts. If only I’d paid more attention in Lego class…

Still, nothing ventured, nothing failed. So here’s a little ice-skimmer style vehicle I’ve whipped up and am moderately chuffed over, in wonkyphoto-a-rama! I’ve listed the relevant pieces, and their Bricklink piece number, under each pic, and in the case of rarer items, also listed the set from which I scabbed them.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin.

An easy start: one 2×8 white plate (3034) and two 2×8 white plates with door rail (30586), taken from my City of Atlantis set (7985-1)

Step two: Add the rails to the plate, and flip. Attach two light-bluish gray 1×12 bars with plate ends and round 1×1 plate ends (42445, taken from the Lunar Limo set- 5984-1) to a white 2×4 plate (3020), and attach to one end of the structure.

Step three: Turn the right way up, and attach one 2×16 white plate with angled side extensions (62743), taken from the Ice Dragon Attack set (2260-1)

Step four: two more 2×8 white plate with door rails.

Step five: Invert again, and buttress the overhanging plates with a 2×6 white plate (3795)

Step six: Top side up again, and filling in the single line atop the front spar with, from left to right– one 1×1 red tile with groove (3070b); one 1×2 white tile with groove (3069b). In this instance I didn’t have a plain white one to hand so just shoved the first one I found in. It all gets covered, anyway; one 1×2 modified tile with stud (3794); and one 1×2 white plate with handles (3839), or as they’ve always been known to me, front guns.)

Step seven: Another 2×16 white plate with angled side extensions (62743) goes on top, and the back end is finished with two 4×1 18 white slopes (60477) and a 2×2 white brick (3003)

Step eight: And finished with, from left to right: a 2x1x2/3 red slope 18 with 4 slots (61409) from the Seabed Strider (7977-1); a 1×4 white tile (2431); a 2×2 white tile with red warning triangle pattern (3068bp06); and at the top of the rear bricks a 1×2 red modified tile with grill (2412) and two more of the red slope with 4 slots.

And she is done.

All comments and small coin donations welcome! and if any experienced Lego builders want to contact me with any advice, please feel free.