A teensy-tiny little MOC I absent-mindedly piggled together last night while watching The Deadly Assassin. 7 pieces each, which is my mini-est mini so far.

First one to call out “Walllllll-eeee” gets a pair of binoculars in the bathers area….

I think they’re kind of cute. They’re also symptomatic of the problems associated with keeping 6000 pieces of LEGO in one big tub but not wanting to sort it all out into separate boxes because you don’t want to a) stifle the kids’ creativity and b) sort the bloody things back into separate boxes when the kids invariably mix them up.

If you don’t want to make a massive clatter shifting plates large pieces around because you’re trying to watch your show, this is the sort of thing you end up with.

But I do think they’re kind of cute.