Like you, we in the Batthome care about the state of our house. That’s why, whenever we have visitors coming over, the last hour before they get here is usually spent in a mad rush doing all the cleaning up we should have been doing all week.

Oh yeah, like we’re the only ones who do that!

When our sister-in-law Amanda and our niece and nephew came over for lunch the other day, we launched into action. Blake was home for Christmas, and Aiden’s mates Jake and Jarryd were over, so they all pitched in to help.

My first port of call was the reading room, and the enormous pile of Lego that had been sitting on a sheet in the middle of the floor for the previous 4 days.

“Leave that,” Lyn instructed me. “There are kids coming over. They’ll want to play with it.”

Fair enough. And in that spirit, I’d like to present the outcomes of our 10 and 7 year old kids playing Lego with Amanda’s 10 and 8 year old kids on the day.

Clockwise, from bottom left, that’d be a spaceship by Connor (7), gunship by Jake (18), helicopter by Jarryd (18) and hovertank by Blake (17).

Kids, eh? 🙂

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