Wanna win a free e-copy of The Corpse-Rat King?

Course ya do.

Here’s the thing:

Every four days between now and the release date of September 1st, I’m going to put out a call on my Facebook author page. Simply ‘like’ the page, then be the first person to shout out a page number (in the comments, people. Don’t just sit there at your computer shouting at it like you expect it to answer you. That’s what old people do.) and I’ll treat you to an excerpt from that very page of the novel.

That way you can be the first on your block to get a sneak peek of all the Hellestastic action, in just enough words to get you all erect and itchy-in-the-pants-area, but not enough that you have to sneak your undies into the wash before your Mum finds them and asks you some really awkward questions.

You don’t get the last 2 chapters: spoilers, sweetie. But pick a number between 7 and 395 and shout away.

If you’re not the first to post, don’t despair. Post something anyway– be witty, erudite, articulate, or just a normal Facebook user. Because come September 1, two randomly drawn posters will win an e-copy of The Corpse-Rat King for their very own.

You can’t ask more than that, can you?

Okay, a million dollars, a Lamborghini and unlimited oral from the three supermodels of your choice. You could ask for that.

But 2 electronic copies of the book. Let’s just focus on that, shall we?

First shout is out. Go. Post. Quickly now!