A couple of weeks back, The Perth Adult Lego Society set up their umpteen-million-miles long display at the annual Perth Model Railway Show, and as it’s pretty much the only decent Lego show that Perth has, I grabbed the kids and we gave Lyn a day’s peace while we bogged off and had a gander. Along with every other Dad west of Adelaide.

Frankly, it was stunning, and not even having to cram past crowds six-deep at times to get close enough to see anything could dampen my enthusiasm. It was all very much beyond my limited capabilities– the complexity of each build, the way they were then collected together into clever and at times highly witty displays, and the grasp of narrative and architectural techniques boggled me, but I came away even more determined that my little corner of the State, so far away from the PALS HQ that making their regular meetings is just not feasible, should get their own LUG. It was, for a growing fan like me, a day of aspiration.
But a report ain’t a report without pictures, so have an eyeful of this lot.
There’s something very cool about seeing builds that contains part and figs you have yourself. So much Space Police stuff in this set. I became, perhaps, more excited than a 41 year old man should…
A space shuttle, with adult human for scale. Gojiiiirrraaaaaa!!!!!!
A touch of Perth, with working TV screen inside the nightclub. Weirdly, I worked in the building behind its real-life counterpart, and watched it being constructed. I would have loved to have ‘collected the set’ by watching this one take shape, too.
It just ain’t Lego if an adult doesn’t build a castle. Thousands of dollars worth of bricks, signs printed on copy paper worth 6 bucks a ream. I got yer priorities right here, pal!
Stormtroopers. Chasing chickens. ‘Nuff said 🙂
Beautiful work on the rolling waves. It’s skill like this that makes me very envious.
Stunning detail on a Japanese castle. I couldn’t get my little phone close enough to take a good shot of the interiors, but the details were unbelievable.
I saw this volcano as the first ten or twenty bricks were being snapped into place by Braith, on my only visit so far to the PALS HQ. I felt like rubbing its hair and saying “Haven’t you grown?” like a distant aunty at a Christmas do.
A meccano Red Arrow. Just because it’s cool.
There were over 60 different model train tables as well, and whilst I enjoyed them, there was one for which I felt a strange and compelling affinity. I can’t, for the life of me, work out why….
It was a grand day out, and I’ll be back again next year, and hopefully, I’ll be taking notes for my own LUG…

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