And I should probably gloat slightly:

95 676 words later, Father Muerte & The Divine is finished.

December will be spent editing, polishing, writing the synopsis and sending the sales package to SuperAgent Rich. But it is, in all intents and purposes, finished.

Two novels written this year. That’s what I’d call a decent start.

Review: Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again

Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again
Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again by Frank Miller

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A helter-skelter follow up to the seminal Batman revival ‘The dark Knight Returns’ that places much more accent on colour and spectacle and gives air-time to updated supporting characters, most notably a brilliantly effective Ray Palmer and Barry Allen, not to mention arguably the best portrayal of Plastic Man committed to ink in, well, just about ever. There’s a lot of cynical, self-aware fun in this volume, although Miller packs too much in to satisfy three issues– I would have liked to have seen some of the supporting threads teased out into fuller narratives, particularly the ‘Joker hero-killer’ subplot that is resolved far too easily after the main action ceases. And, of course, Miller’s jail-bait fantasies are never too far away, and surface ickily right at the end, but that’s what you get with Miller these days, so it’s not unexpected.

It’s messy, chaotic, and doesn’t, in the end, fulfil its potential, but I still come back to this every now and again just for the sheer, anarchic fun of it all. And Plas.

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Agh, finally.

Yes, today is officially the second day of the following month, but for us, with the last of Erin’s friends having just left from her birthday sleepover, November is finally, finally over.

November means:

Nanowrimo. I acted as ML for my region for the third year, as well as working on Father Muerte & the Divine, for which I wrote a shade over 43 000 words, and completed. I topped up the other 6 000 and a bit words by beginning The Sin-Eater’s Lonely Children, working on the Muerte synopses, and various associated fiction tasks.

The Day Job’s Literary Month, involving organising and running a five hour writing marathon on a Saturday night complete with guest speakers and a metric fuckload of giveways; the awards presentation for the City’s short story competition on a Tuesday night; and a two hour seminar by Dr Helen Merrick on the following evening. All within a week of each other.

Three birthdays: mine, Connor’s, and Erin’s. Connor and Erin had a birthday party each. On the same day. At two different locations. Never. Bloody. Again.

Nnovvember. My first attempt at contributing to this mass Lego community initiative, to build a Vic Viper model to help commemorate the passing of popular builder and AFOL Nate ‘nnenn’ Neilson.

All this on top of the usual writing work, day job work, family commitments, swimming lessons, preparing the house for sale, blah blah etcetera and so forth.

I’m buggered.

BUT: I have a completed novel, two happy kids, new Lego for myself, no more work events for the rest of the year, and the first Lego MOC I’ve built that I think matches up to the rest of the Flickr stream, so we’ll call it a draw and now I’m going back to bed.

And because I promised, here are the pictures of the finished Viper.

From the top


From the rear, showing greebles and biplane wings

Side view, showing twin forward pods, and the connection between hull and engine, which…


And the underside, with all the transparent goodness and weapony-looking bits.

Comin’ atcha!