So here we are, at the second Thumbnail Thursday, and this time on a Thursday!

I’ve flirted with being a cartoonist several times over the years, and even placed a few here and there, but it’s slowly become apparent to me that I lack the drawing skill to make any kind of ongoing income from it, and the time it would take me to learn those skills is better put towards advancing my writing career, as I at least have some sort of foothold on the lower slopes of that particular mountain.

However, i still have a couple of hundred thumbnails that I’ve scribbled down over the years, some of them in rather nice notebooks indeed as I’ve taken the hobby more or less seriously at that particular moment. Some may be funny only to me. Some may need a little bit of explanation. But what the heck: you;d rather I was a complex, multi-layered fellow than one who simply trots out a never-ending succession of innuendos and nob gags, wouldn’t you?

You wouldn’t? Shut up and have a cartoon….

Cavemen and cave art seem to crop up regularly, along with a couple of other themes (You should see how many times I riff on ‘we should see other people’). Either I’m harking back to a simpler, happier time, or people crouched in caves chewing on bones is inherently funny. Or I’m lazy.