Fiends, ravens, condiments, let me humbly unveil what is, in my utterly objective and unbiased opinion, simply the goddamn prettiest book cover in the history of the entire Universe.

The Marching Dead will be out in March 2013 from Angry Robot Books, and features the return of Marius dos Hellespont and Gerd, reluctant heroes of The Corpse-Rat King, as well as Granny, Keth, an undead dominatrix, psycho-killer warrior nun skeletons, smugglers, naked troglodyte cannibals, an underground nunnery, and the word ‘fuck’ 71 times.

Can’t wait now, can you?


  1. Absolutely gorgeous cover! I love the way the colours pop out and make it a bit different to The Corpse-Rat King, while still keeping a similar style and typography.


  2. Thanks, guys. I'm certainly more than happy with it. I think it's bloody gorgeous, and I can't wait to see it in the flesh, so to speak. I've been extremely fortunate with my covers so far, and Nick Castle (the designer) might just have to be kidnapped and forced to do covers for me full-time…


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