It’s a long weekend for me this weekend, and then another, thank you Invasion Day, next weekend. Am I kicking back, a cold frosty beer in one hand, a sausage-inna-bun in the other, listening to Barnsie/Farnsie/Accadacka/Insert Grunting Bogan Sweatgods here at the deep end of an inflatable pool while waving an Aussie flag and complaining about immigration, as is my God-given right as a fully paid-up member of the White Ruling Classes of the Fackin’ Lacky Cunry?

Am I thump.

I’ll be knee-deep in woodchips, paint, and spakfilla, as we continue to work like the kind of Trojans the cool trojans beat up after school to get our house ready for sale, so that we cfan move to a smaller, neater place with less damned garden so next year I can kick back with a cold frosty cider in one hand and a sausage-inna-bun in the other, listening to whatever Luscious and the kids put on the playlist under the air-conditioning while ignoring the whole bloody thing. Which either makes having the random number generator throw up this particular thumbnail enormously ironic, or it’s completely unrelated and I just wanted to make a joke about the Fackin’ Lacky Cunry because bogans should be wiped out with smallpox-infected Winnie Blues. take your pick.

“…close to schools and public transport, although none of that will matter to you…”

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