Friends, bloggers, reviewer types!

Want a sneak peek at Marching Dead, so you can mock your friends at parties and drop obscure hints about its contents just so you can torture people with the superiority of your inside knowledge?

Course you do.

That’s why you’ll be cock-a-hoop (or cock in a hoop. We make no judgement here) to learn that Angry Robot has released an electronic advanced reader copy— e-ARC, if you’re cool like me– of the book via NetGalley.

Now: there are a few rules, provisos, guidelines, quid pro quos and other bits of that gag from Aladdin I can’t remember coz it’s years since I’ve watched it. You do have to be a reviewer or book blogger of some kind. You do have to promise to actually review the thing once you’ve read it. You do have to commit to sending me no less than 100 of your finest major currency bills.

Or two out of those three.

Frankly, if you commit to the last one I don’t give a monkey’s whether you read the book or not.

In fact, just send me the money now and we can forget about the whole thing.

Unless, of course, you’d actually like to read and review the book. In which case you should probably read the Angry Robot NetGalley guidelines.

But seriously, send me some money.


  1. This is tempting, but I think I'll buy the actual book instead… These covers are gorgeous and The Marching Dead is going to sit proudly next to The Corpse Rat King on my bookshelf.


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