I’ve been trying to whip up some enthusiasm for starting a Lego User Group in the southern reaches of Perth, without much in the way of success. One of the ways I’ve been trying is by starting a Facebook group: RockLUG. Feel free to join. There are a few members, but right now it appears to be a page dedicated to me whittering on about Lego to myself.

This month, I decided to try issuing a challenge: a remix, based on concepts I posted about here a couple of weeks ago. Basically, the idea is to create a MOC using only the pieces from one individual set.

I chose this one:

The Space Police III set Undercover Cruiser, 309 pieces and like a lot of Space Police III sets, filled with an array of odd and unique pieces. I love the Space Police III stuff: apart from designs which are as mad as all get-out, they invariably have a fantastic range of pieces and use a lot of unique, interesting parts, which meant I was confident of being able to come up with something a little wild.

In the end I came up with The Hopper, which is based around a technic-heavy armature designed to hold in place two swept wings at a really odd angle over the basic spine of the ship. Lots of greebles and an offset engine arrangement (more technic) made for a fun and (for me, at least) challenging build. 

Check out those fins. Check out those fins

“Did you get my best side?”
Yes. Yes, I did.

Underside: lots of technic pieces and a cannon. As it should be.

Stubby. Like a container truck without a container. In space!

Then, with half an hour before I had to pick the kids up from school, I started clipping things together at random and came up with a long, slim piece I dubbed The Copslider, utilising a ridiculously long nose piece and some rather traditional building shapes.

 No, my kid didn’t build it. Shut up.

Cannons. You just gotta have cannons. 

And I still had a bunch of pieces left over– lots of little, greebly pieces with no immediately apparent fit, so I might see what I can do with them just for the challenge of it.

So a fun challenge, but given I was the only one who jumped on it, perhaps not one I’ll be setting my LUG-without-a-LUG again.

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