Luscious Lyn has recently joined one of the strangest little groups I’ve heard of in years.

Zombies, Run is a downloadable exercise app that plays an ongoing post-apocalyptic narrative in which you, designated Runner 5, navigate your way through a zombie-strewn landscape, completing tasks and avoiding shambling herds of z-men by, well, running. It’s an extraordinarily clever conceit as well as yet another indication that SF is always amongst the first literary genres to take advantage of new technology. What’s more it is, according to the Luscious one, rather addictive. Which, let’s face it, rather the point when it comes to getting out there and exercising.

What’s more, the app is bringing groups together t talk about their experiences: Lyn is a member of a group based in Wollongong, along with fellow Clarion South alumni Laura Goodin. And now they want t-shirts.

Which is where the Battersby Family Art Machine decided to intervene 🙂

Miss 11 has designed a Zombie Run picture. I’ve designed a Zombie Run t-shirt. Master 8 has drawn a dragon, but then, that’s just Master 8 all over.

Lyn often plays the narrative while she walks the kids to school, and has taken to referring to them in her Facebook posts as Runners 5.1 and 5.2, so they just had to appear in the design. What’s more, I’ve managed to do what it took Aiden 20 years of computer games and unemployment to achieve: I’ve turned them into shambling, flaky skinned zombies of the first order.

Here’s the proof of concept sketch for your entertainment. We’ll be getting it up onto Cafe Press soon as I have a few days to design, layout and paint a final version.

Please note: advice applies only if your children are actual zombies. 
Just “not liking them” is no defence in the eyes of the law.
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