Thumbnail Thursday: forgotten on Thursday but arising onto the blog only two days later, thereby proving that it is an entire day better than Jesus.

Also: real, thereby proving yadda yadda….

Have an Easter-themed scribble, y’all. In the best resurrected Godzombie fashion, I’m off to watch horror movies and get pissed on cider.
Yeah, they’re in a car, and yeah, that’s a couple of smashed eggs on the windscreen and a basket on the bonnet (or if you’re American……. bonnet. Learn the fucking language.) and that’s a rabbit’s paw poking up above the front grill. What did you expect, cuddly fluffy bunnies?
Well, there is one, but he’s been smooshed 🙂


Now, to an award in which you can play a part in the outcome, faithful reader.

The Battersblog has been nominated for the Best Australian Blogs 2013 competition, a little piece of fun co-ordinated by the Australian Writers Centre. Something like 1100 blogs have been entered, so it’s not that exclusive, but the winner does win the power to reform Mott the Hoople, a year’s supply of red M&Ms with the logo licked off so you can pretend they’re Smarties, and an all expenses paid trip to Canberra where 4 Big Brother rejects will hold Tony Abbot down on a footpath while you kick in his smirky little bonobo face with a pair of hob nail boots, so it’s a pretty sweet set of booty.

The People’s Choice Award is now open, and carries on until 5pm on Tuesday 30 April 2013. Voters do not need to be Australian, so if you’d like to see me blissed out on red candy, physically assaulting a loathsome patch of human slurry to some of the best glam rock power chords recorded between the years 1968 and 72-ish, just click on the icon below, scroll through page after page of blogs you don’t like quite so much as this one until you get to the ‘T’ page, and cast your vote for your humble correspondent’s rambling efforts.

Your country thanks you.


It’s awards season in Australian science fiction, with three national awards announcing their short-lists, and at times it’s enough to make your head spin as some titles crack a mention in all three, some names are conspicuous by their absence, and the clattering of d20s as judges try to make their minds up is enough to make the nerdgods brush crisp crumbs from their Devo tour t-shirts and take notice.

I’m extremely happy to announce that The Corpse-Rat King made a couple of saving roles and has been short-listed in two out of the three awards. No luck in this year’s Aurealis Awards, where it hasn’t made the Fantasy or Horror lists, but it has cracked a mention in the following:
  • The Ditmars are the Australian equivalent of the Hugos, voted on by members of each year’s National convention, this year being held in Canberra, scene of my favourite convention experience (outside of the one at which Luscious married me), waaaaaay back in 2006. The Corpse-Rat King has been nominated in the Best Novel category, along with works by fellow Angry Robot stablemate Jo Anderton, Kate Forsyth, Kirstyn McDermott, Jason Nahrung, and Margo Lanagan. I’ve not won a general Ditmar before– I was awarded the Best New Talent award 10fuckingyearsagoholyshit! earlier in my career, but it’d be nice to add an ‘open’ award to the small shrine to my genius I keep behind the garden shed.
You can check out the full list of nominees in all categories here.
  • The Australian Shadows Awards, known to everybody except everyone who isn’t me as the ‘Dead Chicks’ because, well… you figure it out:
Once again, I share the Best Novel category with Kirstyn McDermott and Jason Nahrung. I’m on a mission to win my third award, which would add a nice symmetry to my brag shelf, so let’s hope all fans of numerology can bring their influence to bear.
The Shadows have expanded significantly in scope since their inception, and now cover a whole bunch of categories. The full nomination list is here.


Only one week until the official Marching Dead launch in the convivial surrounds of Stefen’s Bookstore. By this time next week we’ll be nestled together, swapping jackets and rummaging around behind the bookshelves to see where Stefen hides his money, as well as getting stuck into the reading of some well-chosen excerpts, book signings, dwarf-throwing, bear-baiting and all-in Mexican custard wrestling, before we troop over to the Generous Squire for quaffing and toasting.
Spread the word! The more who come, the more entertaining it’ll be for me to see people fighting over books: even funnier if they happen to be mine!

The Marching Dead
Stefen’s Bookstore
8 Shafto Lane, Perth
Saturday, 6th April


With less than two weeks to go until the official Marching Dead launch at Stefen’s Books (full details at the end), I’ve got two ongoing competitions at my Facebook author page:

Much like I did with The Corpse-Rat King, I’m running shout-outs every few days: simply ‘like’ my page, and when I call for responses, post a number between 17 and 369 (start of Chapter 2 to end of Chapter secondlastone). First one to respond gets an excerpt posted in their honour, and every respondent goes into the hat to win one of two copies of the e-book edition of Marching Dead.


I’ve created a bunch of book plates based on the brilliant cover art by Nick Castle, and I’m posting questions every couple of days. All you have to do is respond with the post that amuses me most highly, and a signed book plate will be dispatched immediately to your place of residence.

You want one of these babies, don’t you?


Currently, the question is: what book would have been vastly improved had the main character been killed before they undertook their quest?

To get in on the action, head over to my Facebook page, click that ‘like’ button, and join us: the water is lovely and warm…

And if you haven’t already written the details of the book launch into your calendar in fat, red crayon so that it can’t possibly be wiped off your iPad screen, here they are again:

Marching Dead Launch

Stefen’s Books
8 Shafto Lane, Perth
Saturday, 6 April: 2pm until it’s all over and we head across to the space reserved for us at The Generous Squire drinking establishment for discerning persons and get all drinky and folk-songy and dance on the table-topsy.

Come on dowwwwwwwn.


Another biffo review of Marching Dead has been posted over at Book Snobbery, all the more happifying as reviewer SJ announces herself enamoured after not quite loving The Corpse-Rat King as much as she’d hoped, especially noting some of the best fantasy worldbuilding I’ve ever encountered in a very long time… and tons of laughs, many of them of the uncomfortable variety.

She also says she’d desperate for someone else to read the book so she has someone to discuss it with, so you’ll all be pleased to know that US/Canadian and e-book versions are released TOMORROW.

As Jesus said to the apostles at the first all-Jerusalem Ostrich wrestling championships, get on it, my darlings!

(This is one of my all-time favourite paintings: Reg Mombassa’s Skeleton trying to have sex with a fence (Skeletons have no eyes so it is easy for them to mistake a fence for a lady skeleton). It has nothing to do with Marching Dead, even though the book actually does feature skeleton sex. I just think it’s great. It’s reproduced here without any sort of permission from the artist on the assumption that he’ll forgive me because I think he’s so cool. If you’re still reading this, stop and go buy my book, dammit!)