Thanks to last night’s viewing of QI, we’re all aware that Anubis was most likely a wolf-headed God, rather than the jackal-headed God as we all thought.

Probably wouldn’t have made the sketch any better.

Wait a minute! Nobody told me starting flame wars would count!
Kind of interesting passage of time: back when I drew this, ‘flame wars’ was a thing. Now we just call it ‘trolling’, or ‘Facebook’.


It’s Short-bits-of-Battersby week! 

First there’s the appearance of Canals of Anguilar in the Review of Australian Fiction, which you’re all aware of because you’ve already lashed out the $2.99 and have read it, but now you can pop over to the Angry Robot website and get a tiny taste of Corpse-Rat to whet your appetite for this Saturday’s launch event: a teensy tiny prequel to The Corpse-Rat King for your education and amusement.

Lying Like Cards: A Marius dos Hellespont Fix.

This is the story that 25 of you will be able to own in signed, dead-tree form, simply by being the first to purchase a copy of either Marius dos Hellespont novel at the launch and getting me to sign it. But have a read before you buy: I am a kind and generous God….

Review: Cyanide And Happiness: I’m Giving You The Finger

Cyanide And Happiness: I'm Giving You The Finger
Cyanide And Happiness: I’m Giving You The Finger by Kris Wilson

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

A couple of funny strips, a couple of sort-of-okay ones, and the rest pretty much follow this pattern:

“I like butter.”
“You like butter?”
“I like butter.”

Reading this strip on the web, where you get one every day or two probably helps to keep them fresh, but reading a hundred-odd in a row it becomes very quickly obvious that there is no tone or variation to the comic. Surprising, given four separate creators contribute, but the whole reading experience is very much like hearing the same single note being played on a drum, over and over and over again. A couple of stars for the genuinely funny entries, but nothing more.

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