And it’s precision like that which is the reason why I don’t work for NASA.

A couple of little moments of cool to share with you this morning, with the Marching Dead launch coming up tomorrow.

Firstly, a photo to warm the cockles of your heart. Here they are, 25 copies of the exclusive, launch-only, signed and numbered Lying Like Cards: A Marius dos Hellespont Fix booklets, all signed and numbered and lined up and ready to reward the first 25 people to buy a copy of The Corpse-Rat King or Marching Dead (or both. Both is good) and present them for signing at Stefen’s Books tomorrow.

And if you need more incentive, listen to Kate of Mind, who calls me “…one messed up dude. Delightfully so,” and reward me ‘all the stars’.
According to How it Works, there are currently between 1 sextillion and 1 septillion stars in the Universe. Either way, that’s a bloody positive review out of five 🙂

So, if you need another reminder, here’s the where and the when of it:

Marching Dead Launch

Stefen’s Books
8 Shafto Lane
Saturday 6 April

I’ve got my booklets, I’ve got my multi-coloured signing pens, I’ve got my reading pages marked out, I’ve got my nervous anticipation…… I’ll see you there.