Now that the programme has been released, I can finally announce that I will be appearing at this year’s Perth Writers Festival, to be held at the University of WA from Thursday 20 to Sunday 23 February.

I’ll be running a workshop from 10am-1pm on Saturday 22nd, on how to create a believable fantasy universe. Here’s the full blurb:

(Because *my* title of “Unicorn Physics” wasn’t catchy enough….)
10am – 1pm Sat 22 Feb 2014

Award-winning speculative fiction author Lee Battersby shows you the rules of building a believable fantasy universe. Learn what works, what doesn’t and just how much you can get away with before the reader starts to notice.

So if you want to learn about concepts like unicorn physics, world +1, and why writing what you know is for the weak, I’ll expect to see you there!

You can get a gander at the full program here. Luscious and I already have tickets for Lionel Shriver and she’ll also be seeing Margaret Drabble, and we’ll be wandering around the grounds for pretty much the entire three day festival, so anybody who’s interested in catching up, just drop me a line and we’ll organise some picnicky goodness like we did last year.

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