Review: Hellblazer: Hooked

Hellblazer: Hooked
Hellblazer: Hooked by Peter Milligan

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Standard Hellblazer plot in which Constantine, despite his best efforts at reaching towards some sense of normalcy, ends up damaging everyone around him with terminal effects. Peter Milligan’s pretty much the fag-end of the British comics revolution, lacking the intertextual genius of Gaiman, the balls-to-the-wall nastiness of Delano or the sheer bugfuck insanity of Morrison, and here he manages to portray Constantine’s entry level bastardry without any of the deeper puckishness or frantic roguishness that makes us love the character instead of wishing he’d just get his fucking act together. All the elements are present, without the– pardon the pun– magic that makes them all stick together.

This is one for the seasoned Hellblazer reader who can recognise it is a minor addition to the canon without being turned off the work in general. Not recommended for anyone trying to find out what all the fuss is about.

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