Review: Thunderbolts Classic, Vol. 3

Thunderbolts Classic, Vol. 3
Thunderbolts Classic, Vol. 3 by Kurt Busiek

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Thuddingly average book about a group of third-string characters without any depth that even a writer of Busiek’s skill can’t bring to life beyond momentary interest in the narrative twists that occur within the text. Not even the addition of Hawkeye– in the midst of one of his least interesting character turns– and an interesting side-adventure with Captain America (in the midst of one of his least interesting narrative arcs) and a reborn Citizen V can lift this above the very pedestrian.

There was a period when Marvel was so desperate to create any kind of successful team book that they threw characters together like spaghetti strands at a wall, praying that something would stick. This is a classic example of their approach, and notwithstanding their current attempts to cash in on any random collection of masks by slapping ‘Avengers’ somewhere in the title, serves to show why, when the Avengers really works, there is no better team title in print.

One for completists or a very rainy afternoon. Not bad, just incredibly average in every way.

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