25 days? Jesus!

Agh, the time has swallowed me up. I’m in the final evening of a two-week vacation from the day job, something I’ve been in desperate need of for quite some time now, and quite honestly, it was a chance to forget about all my obligations and simply schlep about the house in tracky-dacks, perform some long-awaited renovation tasks, play a metric fucktonne of Baldur’s Gate and generally just forget that tomorrow I have to go back to a job I increasingly consider a soul-devouring bucket of hatred and despair.

You know, work.

So, I could bang on about a whole slew of stuff that happened over the last month, but to be brutally honest, I took a holiday to get away from them all and I’m hardly in the mood to bring them back up again. So what I’m going to do instead is post pictures from 3 Lego MOCs I made during my time off, and then list 10 things I’m grateful for, because that will make me happy.

Your mileage may vary.

First up, the Tomb of the Unknow Spaceman, created for the Perth Lego User Groups ‘monochrome’ challenge during July:

Next, a starfighter, for no other reason that I like building space fighters, and I think this turned out quite cool:

And to finish, a build for PLUGs ‘Minifig Monday’ that was supposed to symbolise the second week of my vacation:

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