Review: Marvel Masterworks: Daredevil – Volume 3

Marvel Masterworks: Daredevil - Volume 3
Marvel Masterworks: Daredevil – Volume 3 by Stan Lee

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The very definition of a curate’s egg. One of my favourite Marvel characters, who has developed unbelievable shades and intonations over the years, and the beginnings of his complexity are in evidence throughout this volume of early stories. The art by Gene Colan is superb: clear, active, with unexpected depth and elegance.

But, oh Gods, Stan Lee is an abysmal hack. The writing is embarrassing, and the z-grade line-up of villians– including El Matador, whose powers involve being a matador and having a skeezy Spanish accent; the Masked Marauder, who, well, has a mask that’s basically a welding helmet with a mauve hanky hanging off the bottom, and arguably the worst villain Marvel have ever devised (and we’re talking the company who gave us Razorback and Rocket Racer…) Leapfrog, with springs on his scuba flippers and a frog costume, whose power involves being able to jump high on his springs (I shit thee not!)– should have been enough to kill the book dead, dead, dead. The dialogue is leaden, the misogyny oozes from each page, the majority of characters are two-dimensional at best, and some of Lee’s plot devices wouldn’t pass grade in a Perils of Pauline script meeting. A supposed ‘bonus’ feature, wherein page are devoted to a supposed meeting between Lee and Colan to work on the scripts, showing what swell and quirky fellas they are, is just teeth-grindingly awful.

The Cult of Lee has been built, over the years, on his personality and bullet-proof self-belief and love for what he does. If it had anything to do with his writing skills, he’d be long-forgotten.

Three stars for Colan’s artwork, which deserves– and, thankfully, regularly received– a better forum. Thank God Horn-head went on to better things than this tripe.

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