Review: The Hollywood Hall of Shame

The Hollywood Hall of Shame
The Hollywood Hall of Shame by Harry Medved

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Good clean fun for the most part, this semi-affectionate skewering of some of film history’s most pompous, pampered and deluded film projects makes for delightful reading for the dedicated fan of schadenfreude. With sections devoted to children’s movies, musicals, obsessive tycoons, dictators, and a place of honour for serial turkey Goddess Elizabeth Taylor, there’s something here to tickle the palate of all comers.

The only sour note is struck by the occasional bout of comedy racism of the “so solly” variety, which mars the general tone of popcorn superiority. Get past it, and you’ll thrill to the sound of money being torn up and flushed, over and over again.

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