I’m running a new series of guest posts throughout 2015: Fetish Friday. Don’t get all sweaty in the pants—I’m going back to an older definition of the word, and asking artists to show us something that helps them with the ritual of creation, some part of their surroundings—physical or mental—that eases the path into the creative state, whether it be a location, a piece of music, person, picture, a doohickey, whatnot, curio or ornament without which the creative process would be a whole lot more difficult.

These are the usual suspects that inhabit my writing desk at home. There’s always a mug, because there’s always tea of some kind. I’ve no idea how anyone can do anything without easily accessible tea. It’s usually an Aperture Science mug. Those are my favourite. I lost a previous incarnation of this mug in an unfortunate incident involving gravity and a tiled floor, but thankfully my wonderful husband was there to save the day, and ordered me a new one almost immediately. 

Actually, he’s responsible for everything in this picture. He gave me the hungry Garfield some time in primary school and it’s been with me ever since. I have a feeling the typing Snoopy might have come with a MacDonald’s meal years and years ago. He gave me that too, because it’s a beagle writing a book. What’s not to love? 

On the left is Nyanko-sensei, which he found for me in a tiny shop in Tokyo station. I am quite obsessed with Nyanko-sensei, and wanted to take home the entire shop, but it wouldn’t all fit in my luggage. Snoopy, Garfield and Nyanko-sensei all sit under my monitor and cheer me on.

Joanne Anderton lives in Sydney, in the house she grew up in, with the man she fell in love with when they were eight. She writes speculative fiction for anyone who likes their worlds a little different. She sprinkles a pinch of science fiction to spice up her fantasy, and thinks horror adds flavour to just about everything. She’s quite addicted to anime and manga, and these are strong influences in her writing. Her novels – DebrisSuited and Guardian –  have been published by Angry Robot Books and Fablecroft Publishing. Her short story collection, The Bone Chime Song and Other Stories won the Aurealis Award for best collection, and the Australian Shadows Award for best collected work. 

Visit her online http://joanneanderton.com/

Are you a creative artist? Fancy joining in and letting us know about that special item, object, location or cosmic state of being at the heart of your creative process? There’s always room for another lunatic in the asylum: email me and make your most excited Horshack noise.