One of the most delightful moments of parenting comes when a child independently discovers something that has given you joy for years, and begins to express their own joy.

I first discovered The Beatles in a big way when my mother started dating the man who would become her 3rd husband. I was fourteen, and just beginning to branch out from my parents’ taste in music. Mum was early-Beatles: she hated what they did after they became “stupid hippies”. Ray was just as conservative, but for reasons I never figured out, had a copy of The White Album amongst the Jose Carreras and  London Symphony Orchestra. For other reasons I never figured out– he openly refused to move in with Mum until we were out of the house because he didn’t want to be bothered with us– he gave me free reign of his record collection. And I went nuts for this album. Nuts, I tells ya. And my life-long love for The Beatles (and yeah, I’m Team Stupid Hippies) was born.

With some small restrictions, we’ve always given the kids the run of our music collection, but the way they interact with music is markedly different to my generation: for a start, the album is almost a completely dead concept to them, and they’re boggled that there are some albums that were created with the express purpose of being listened to in one order and one order only (What concept, Dad? Concept album? I don’t get it…). In many ways, they are discovering songs individually, without context or history to guide them. And yet…

Ms 15 has found The Beatles. Completely independent of any parental guidance, or of the progression of albums and ouvre. And yet, just like me at a similar age, something has opened up inside of her, and she has fallen instantly, and deeply in love. So, as a way of providing some new words on the subject, please welcome the lovely Ms 15, who gives us her 5 favourite Beatles songs.


1.Here Comes the Sun

A sweet melody. I enjoy this song because it calms me. It has a tranquil and happy vibe that always puts me in a good mood.

2. Oh! Darling!

An upbeat approach. I love the lyrics. It’s a song that makes me feel confident and always makes me sing and feel silly.

3. I Am the Walrus

This song is the best! It’s absolutely silly but I just can’t get enough. It makes me feel so enthusiastic and although the lyrics are hard to follow, it doesn’t matter because it’s one of my favourites.

4. Hey, Jude

A smooth, sweet song. It’s very peaceful, and has the calmest set of vocals. The balance between the harmony, instruments and lyrics is something I find beautifully pleasant.

5. Let it Be.

Oh, my God. This is my absolute favourite. The tone and harmonies are just beautiful. I love the way the band sings it. Their voices are so soft and unique. The lyrics and the atmosphere make me feel connected emotionally. It’s the song I turn to when I need to de-stress.

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