It’s that time of year again: time to look back on a year of… uh… and celebrate… that thing… that… you know…

Actually, 2017 really was a year of is that all? If not for Luscious’ breakthrough, and our impending Pilbara adventure, I’d have a hard time remembering the year at all, and we’re still in it.

Really selling this year in review post, aren’t I?


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Back when I was contemplating attempting a career in cartooning, it was clear that the one of the best ways to attract the attention of newspapers in particular was to offer them a series– much like Star Wars films, if producers feel they have a product they can keep screwing into the ground long past the point where anyone even remembers why they started doing this thing, it helps them not think about how to fill their calendars. Think about Garfield. Remember when it was funny?


One the ideas I flirted with was a wordless cartoon, featuring a Swami-like character who used his mystical gifts to counter mundane problems and to entertain himself. This is one of the ideas I quickly scribbled out to see if the concept had legs– the Swami, floating in mid-air, playing skip-rope with his cobra.

Hey, I’m not saying it was a good idea…



Almost got the full suite of February rewards ready for my Patreon subscribers:
  • the writing exercise and WIP excerpt are up
  • the exclusive 500 word short story is up
  • the 5 for Friday poll is waiting for votes, and
  • the first chapter of the exclusive novel is loaded and waiting
All I have left to post are the exclusive single-panel cartoon, the journal posting, and the Q&A vlog post where I answer questions about writing.


A real life-changer of a week this week, with confirmation that we’ll be packing up and moving to Karratha at the end of January. While I’ll be spending the majority of my time working on a series of novels (check out my new Patreon site for details, and if you’re so inclined, drop a few bucks my way to receive exclusive content on a monthly basis), I’ll also be looking to push my writing into new directions, and use the extra time our new lifestyle affords me to pursue some dreams I’ve never had the chance to pursue.

To whit: I’ve always wanted to write a comic book.

So, one of the things I’ll be doing is working up a pitch to DC Comics, using a lesser-known, and under-utilised character that is close to my heart. One of these five, in fact. I just need to work out the right storyline, and then I’ll know which one.


Five for Friday: DC Characters I Intend to Pitch

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The Devil– like Santa, Death and pandas– is another of those wonderfully flexible concepts that lends itself to anything, particularly humour. There is simply so much cultural baggage built up around the character; so many snippets of folklore, superstition, and outright bullshit; so many stories. The deal at the cross-roads is one that has crossed over into real life– the great Robert Johnson used it as part of his mystique. As the guitar is an update on the fiddle, so the mixing desk.



“Okay, kid. First of all, ask yourself– what would you even do

with a mixing desk made out of solid gold?”



As part of my life change, I have a Patreon page.

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