Huzzah, hooray, my Patreon campaign launches today! And here you are, right at the very beginning of things! Canapes and drinks with bits of furniture in them all round!

What is Patreon? It’s a micro-patronage site that allows you to make small payments to a creator on a monthly basis, and in return, receive cool swag in the form of exclusive content, creations, and rewards. If you’ve supported a project on Kickstarter, or watched a pay-per-view event, it’s a similar model, but slightly more immediate, and you don’t have to wait obsessively by the mailbox for years or wonder why you would pay money to watch Floyd Mayweather do anything. You can choose the level of commitment you pledge, and in return, the level of reward you receive.

In 2018 and 2019, I’ll be working on no less than 7 writing projects, including 3 children’s books, a crime novel, a collection of linked horror stories, and 2 fantasy novels of widely different approaches. I’ll also be making a return to my visual roots by developing my cartooning work and working on my long-neglected visual arts practice with an eye to entering the 2019 Cossack Art Awards.

To help defray the costs of moving to an isolated country town, and the drop in wages brought about by our change in lifestyle, I’m offering seven levels of reward, starting at just $1 a month and climbing to a princely T-Rex level of $50. Because I am an eight year old boy trapped in the body of a 47-year-old pile of rubble, each level is named after a dinosaur:


We’ll be looking at each level, in turn every couple of days from now until closer to February, to give you plenty of time to decide which pledge level you’d like to join before the first round of rewards is jet-packed into your inbox. (It’s very complex, and involves training a group of very high-functioning marmosets with extremely nimble fingers).    —

  • The Velociraptors of Love
  • Is Troodon, is Good
  • Today is a Good Day to Deinonychus
  • Air-cooled, totally worked V8 Australovenator, maaaate
  • It Takes a Lotosaurus to be a Dilophosaurus
  • The Be Allosaurus to End Allosaurus; and to finish,
  • The Rock and Roll Tyrannosaurus Sex God VIP Room.


Today, we start off easy, with the lowest level: for a mere $1 a month, you can become part of an exclusive group of extremely well-dressed individuals I call The Velociraptors of Love.



For $1, each month you receive a patron-exclusive journal post, in which I will wax rhapsodical about the life of a transplanted pale boy in the Northern Sunlands, discuss issues that affect the arts and writing industries, chat about my current and upcoming work, casually mention any forthcoming appearances you might wish to duck your head into, offer tips and recommendations, review books and films both good and bad, chew both shit and fat, spit them out, take a long drink of something soapy, and generally just be as windswept and exotic as I possibly can.

If that’s not enough, you’ll also be acknowledged on the journal entry, and my Patreon website, as a patron, and receive my undying thanks into the bargain.

February’s missive, We Work The Red Seam Together, will discuss my move from the artistic hub (BWAAAAHHHAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!) of Perth to the relative isolation of Karratha, and what I hope it will bring to me artistically, as well as a preview of some of the projects I’ll be working on while I’m there. I’ll also be recommending some books on one of the great crime investigations of the 20th Century, and giving you an insight into my working routine during the next 2 years.

To become a patron and receive this joyous bounty, head on over to my Patreon site and sign up for your preferred reward. Patron rewards start from 1 Feb 2018. And while you’re there, check out the posts already on the site to download the free story you get just for saying hello.

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