Today, in our extended Patreon launch/love-in, I want to focus upon the $2/month commitment. Let’s have a look at Is Troodon, Is Good.

For $2 a month, you’ll receive a patron-exclusive 500 word story. Every month. For less than the price of, what, one-quarter of a slice of toast with some mangled avocado on it, or three blades of grass in a downmarket suburb of Sydney, I’ll send you a complete, rounded, and limited-edition story for your private reading pleasure. Each year, you’ll read a dozen short stories that only you and your fellow Troodon-and-above peers will have access to. You’ll be able to form a club. Use the titles like passwords. Get tattoos together. It’ll be like being in a VIP reading lounge all of your own.

To give you a taste of what’s to come, here’s a snippet from February’s exclusive tale, Resurrection.


The doctor looked at his watch as a lone vulture descended slowly to the lawn.

“Eight minutes, forty seconds.”

He made a mark in his notebook, then placed his pen on the small table beside his chair and examined the page as the vulture pecked at the corpse on the grass.

“Which proves what?”

“The effects of the elixir are getting quicker. Watch.”


Twelve exclusive stories per year, plus the monthly patron-only journal entry available at the Velociraptors of Love level, for $2 a month. Be honest. You spend more than that on Booster Gold merchandise and candle wicks, don’t you?

Check out the previously-profiled level, The Velociraptors of Love.

To become a patron and receive all this (if I do say so myself) awesome stuff, head on over to my Patreon site and sign up for your preferred reward. Patron rewards start from 1 Feb 2018. While you’re there, download the free story you get just for saying hello.


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